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Are you looking to transport your bicycles with a vehicle? Do you wish there were systems in place that could easily transport multiple bikes of the time easily and effectively? Fortunately, the Wolf Bike Rack system is designed to accommodate up to 5 bicycles all at once. Consider the following benefits the Wolf Bike Rack system provides:

– Up to 5 bikes can be accommodated at once.
– With the Wolf Bike Rack system, no damage or drilling is required.
– Your truck bed will continue to function as necessary, with no damage. Furthermore, you can still haul other objects in the truck bed even without removing the rack.
– The Wolf Bike Rack system is easy to install and remove from your truck. The system is held securely in place with two clamps that can be link securely to any truck.
– The Wolf Bike Rack system securely holds your bikes in place with a spring-loaded receiver that automatically expands and contracts for the perfect grip on your bike’s tires.
– Each bike will not come into contact with each other, preventing damage to the handlebars, pedals, wheels, or frame.
– The Wolf Bike Rack system is free of any straps or wires.
– There is no need to remove tires from any of the bikes when using the Wolf Bike Rack system.

Consider purchasing a Wolf Bike Rack system to meet all your bike hauling needs. For additional information, contact our office in Highland, Utah by calling Wolf Bike Racks and a member of our team will gladly assist you.