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Did you know that a Wolf Bike Rack system can be installed in 10 simple steps? Although most bike rack systems that attach onto trucks are extremely complex and require the use of straps and wires, the Wolf Bike Rack system functions by using only clamps and brackets, saving you time and energy.

When installing your bike rack, it is important to first lay out all the parts to make sure you have adequate space in your truck. Depending on your preferences, you can have as many as five bicycle racks installed on a single Wolf Bike Rack system. When installing your Wolf Bike Rack, make sure to take into account the height of your bikes to prevent damage when going underneath low overpasses or into garages.

Thanks to the Wolf Bike Rack deluxe system, spacing can be adequately done to prevent all bikes from touching each other. This means that handlebars, wheels, and body frames will not be damaged by crashing or rubbing against each other. Once the entire rack is assembled, secure it in place with clamps to make sure the hold is tight and nothing will move. After the Wolf Bike Rack is in place, your bikes can be inserted, and the brackets on the rack will automatically adjust to clamp down onto the wheels.

For any additional questions or concerns about Wolf Bike Rack, Wolf Bike Racks is here to help you. You can contact our office in Highland, Utah. We look forward to helping you enjoy all of life’s outdoor adventures with Wolf Bike Rack.