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Have you ever wished there was a bike rack system that was customized and modified to your needs without being a hassle? Even though current bike systems exist to accomplish this need, they do come with a lot of problems. With the Wolf Bike Rack system, you can easily and effectively connect up to 5 bikes on a single rack for easy hauling in your truck.

Existing truck bed racks have a lot of obstruction with the use of your bed. They can obstruct cargo space and the use of your tailgate. The Wolf Bike Rack system allows easy access your truck bed and will not obstruct the use of your tailgate. Most truck beds also require the removal of the wheels which is time-consuming and problematic. The Wolf Bike Rack system allows for easy hauling even if the rack is in place. Furthermore, existing bike racks make it difficult to pull a trailer and expose the bikes to rear-end collisions, whereas the Wolf Bike Rack system keeps them safely secured.

The Wolf Bike Rack system is designed to hold 5 bikes securely and tightly. They also allow space between the bikes to ensure that the bikes will not rub together. Existing truck brackets often put the bikes in harm’s way including dangers due to road spray and debris. The Wolf Bike Rack system prevents damage caused by road spray and even prevents the bikes from slamming into one another.

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