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Are you ready to try the #1 rated truck bike rack system for pickup trucks? If you’ve ever wanted a bike rack system that can easily fit into the bed of your truck to prevent damage from debris and other objects, we have the answer. The Wolf Bike Rack truck bike rack system is guaranteed to work for any pickup truck to easily and safely transport your bikes wherever you need to go.

Existing truck bed bike racks come with numerous flaws and challenges. Not only do they obstruct carbo space and the use of your tailgate, but they can also expose your bikes to additional damage. The Wolf Bike Rack system allows you to access your tailgate easily and even free up cargo space, as the bikes can be loaded on top of other cargo you may be carrying.

In addition, traditional bike racks can be time-consuming to install and remove the racks and bikes. The Wolf Bike Rack allows you to secure bikes quickly and safely with easy access for loading and unloading your bikes and cargo. Our Wolf Bike Rack works for all bike sizes and can easily accommodate up to 5 bikes without removing any wheels or requiring the use of straps.

Furthermore, whereas traditional bike rack systems remove the opportunity for pulling a trailer, the fast track system allows for towing a trailer to ensure your bikes will not be a hindrance for whichever trips you may be preparing for.

We are conveniently located in Highland, Utah, but we gladly ship our bike racks all over the nation. To learn more about the Wolf Bike Rack system, contact our team. We look forward to safely securing your bikes so you can enjoy all the adventures that life has to offer.