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Are you in need of a safe and extremely effective bike rack truck system that is designed to keep your bikes from moving around or obstructing your tailgate? If you’re looking for the #1 rated bike rack system for trucks, look no further than the Wolf Bike Fast Rack system. Listed below are some frequently asked questions concerning Wolf Bike Racks:

Question: How do they work?
Answer: By following a few easy-to-assemble steps, your bike rack can be laid in place within your truck bed and held tight to ensure up to five bikes can be easily placed, and loaded and unloaded with ease.


Question: Will my bikes be safer in the truck bed that with traditional bike racks?
Answer: Yes, they will be safer than traditional bike rack hauling systems as they will not be subject to road spray and debris that they would get when hanging behind the tailgate. In addition, they are safe from rear-end collision damage as well.


Question: Are straps required to hold the bikes in place, or does the bike need to be broken down before insertion into the rack?
Answer: No. There are no straps required, and the bike does not need to be torn down at all and can be immediately taken out and used when you need it.


Question: How difficult is it to break down a Wolf Bike Rack system?
Answer: The bike rack system can be taken out of the truck bed and set aside within minutes and easily reassembled as needed.


Question: Can any other material be put in the cargo space with the bikes?
Answer: Yes, the bike racks are extremely durable and will hold the bikes in place, thus allowing other cargo to be placed underneath and on the sides of them.


Question: Will the tailgate still be accessible and used for other things?
Answer: Yes, the tailgate is still available and can be used for further cargo.

For more information about the Wolf Bike Rack system, you are welcome to call our office in Highland, Utah at (801) 613-1942. Our truck bed bike racks are available for pickup or can be shipped across the United States. Call us today to learn more about what a Wolf Fast Rack truck bed system can do for you.