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Sometimes, it just feels good to put your bikes in the back of your truck and haul them off for an adventure to nowhere. Even if you have a destination in mind and simply want to explore the scenery, it is important to make sure that your bikes are kept safe, so they can last throughout the trip.

As with most bike racks, you’ll need to take your wheels off, which can be one additional step that could potentially lead to disaster later on. However, with a Wolf Bike Rack System, you can count on receiving a bike rack that will conveniently and safely store your bikes without removing any wheels or any other parts. For additional questions regarding Wolf Bike Racks, listed below are some frequently asked questions:

What Are Wolf Bike Racks?
Wolf Bike Racks are specifically designed for trucks to easily accommodate up to 5 bikes at once. If you have a truck and you need a bike rack system, why not go with the number one rated bike rack system for trucks?

What Are the Benefits of a Wolf Bike Rack System for Trucks?
Wolf Bike Rack systems are easy to install and remove. Furthermore, bikes simply wedge tightly into the loading bay via a spring-loaded receiver, so they can be easily taken out as needed. This ensures no wheels need to be removed. Not only can they keep your bike safe, they can increase the amount of storage you have, as they will not hang off your tailgate or cover up any cargo that can be tucked underneath. They’re also easy to install and require zero straps.

How Do I Order a Wolf Bike Rack?
Our office is conveniently located in Highland, Utah. However, we ship all across the country, so be sure to visit our webpage to place your order. All Wolf Bike Racks come with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

If you have any additional questions about Wolf Bike Racks or would like to speak with a member of our team, call us. We look forward to you to providing you a quality bike rack system, so you have some peace of mind while you enjoy all your adventures to come.