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If you are an avid mountain or trail biker and you are looking for a better way to haul your bike, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! At Wolf Bike Racks, our innovative, easy to use racks are easy to assemble, durable, and easy to load and unload, helping to make us the #1 Rated Truck Bike Rack System for pickup trucks. We’ve been assisting mountain bikers all over the U.S. experience the difference in hauling bikes to their destination with a bike rack system that is specially designed for trucks and trailers.

At Wolf Bike Racks, through extensive research and use, we have successfully addressed multiple, common problems often encountered with other bike rack systems. Whether it’s blocking cargo space, having to remove the wheels, having to strap or clamp the bikes in or having to install and remove them between treks, you won’t experience that with our bike rack system. Our racks aren’t time-consuming to use, and they are secure to use in all road conditions and rough terrain. Our racks don’t damage your bike or truck, or expose them to road debris or rear-end collision damage as can happen with other bike rack systems. You can still tow a trailer while using our bike racks with the tailgate easy to access. Best of all, our Wolf Bike Rack is specifically made to accommodate up to five bikes at a time, so if you’re bringing family or friends, you’re all set to go when it comes to transporting your bikes securely.

So this summer biking season, if you want to spend your vacation time solo or with family and friends exploring the trails on your trusty mountain bike, we invite you to give us a call at today. We’re happy to tell you more about Wolf Bike Racks located in Lehi, Utah, or take your order. Now you can spend your free time riding the trails since you’ve discovered the best bike racks around!