You own a bicycle, maybe several. You have a truck bed or a trailer to haul your bicycle(s). But do you have a secure system to keep your bike upright and protected from scratches, damage, or becoming entangled in the rest of your gear? Wolf Bike Racks offers you the bike rack support system you need to securely and easily mount your bike in the back of your truck or trailer.

Easily Installed Rack Support System

Our rack support system can be easily installed in the back of your truck with patented clamps that attach to the rails of your truck bed. There is no need to drill into the truck, nor will the system press against the sides. Whether you travel on paved roads or bumpy off-road terrain, the rack support system remains securely in position, keeping your bike rack – and your bike – safe. The rack support system is highly durable, enabling it to take the weight of your bike without strain.

Order Your Truck Bed Mount Bike Rack

Place your order today, or contact our team at (801) 613-1942 to learn more about our rack support systems in Highland, Utah. Whether you are a pro at your sport or are picking up a new hobby, we would be happy to tell you more about our bike rack system today