As a biker, you already understand the importance of having efficient means to load, carry, and unload your bicycle, but do you have the proper equipment to do so? Wolf Bike Racks is pleased to offer products for all bike transportation needs. If you are looking for a simple yet secure system to carry your bicycle to the trailhead, we invite you to learn more about our single wheel receiver.

Single Wheel Receivers Offer Simplicity & Security

Easy to install and use, the single wheel receiver is a popular choice for bikers who do not need a full rack system. It accommodates all bike sizes, from mountain bikes to tandem bicycles, by adjusting to any wheel size and firmly gripping the tires. Best of all, it keeps the bike securely in place so that even rough terrain does not shake it loose. Although your bike will stay firmly in place during the ride, the Wolf Bike Rack does not hamper the loading or unloading of the bicycle. You can easily move your bike on and off your truck bed in seconds.

Our Receiver Bike Racks Are Durable & Effective

As avid bikers ourselves, we understand your need for a product that is durable, effective, and easy to handle, and we are proud to deliver just that. Contact us today at (801) 613-1942 to learn more about our single wheel receiver in Highland, Utah. If you are ready to purchase, click here to place your order today.