The Wolf Bike Rack is designed to easily accommodate up to 5 bikes at a time. The front wheels of the bikes simply wedge tightly into the receivers. The front wheel of any size bike is pressed into the spring-loaded receiver, which instantly expands to the correct size and grabs the tire securely. The bike is just as easily removed with a quick pull in the right direction. The receivers are staggered so the peddles and handlebars do not come into contact with each other. Unlike all other racks, the FastRack does not require any straps or the removal of wheels.

The Wolf Bike Rack is easy to install and remove from your truck, and you can still haul luggage, coolers, or gear in the truck bed without removing the rack. You can even continue to use the truck bed with 5 bikes in the rack.


Installation: The Wolf Bike Rack is easily installed to the bed of your truck with two simple clamps. There is no drilling or permanent damage to the truck bed. Instead, you can easily install or the Wolf Bike Rack with two simple clamps that hold the rack securely onto any truck.

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