3 Bike Rack


Transporting more than one bike often results in tangled pedals, handlebars, and chains, as well as potential damage to the truck bed. Traveling with bikes in a secure, upright position is the best possible method to avoid any scratch marks or unnecessary hassle. For this reason, we are pleased to introduce you to our three-bike rack for trucks and trailers.

Wolf Bike Racks are designed to be durable, efficient, and convenient in the hands of beginners and pros. The rack adjusts to any wheel size, gripping firmly for support, and can accommodate mountain bikes, road bikes, and even tandem bikes. The bicycles are loaded into an upright and elevated position that prevents any slipping, tipping, or friction, and it leaves ample space for additional luggage in the bed of your truck or trailer. Feel free to pack coolers, tents, and recreational gear without worrying about damaging your bike.