5 Bike Rack


If you use a truck to haul multiple bikes to your favorite trailhead or the starting point of your race, you have no doubt encountered the complications of transporting bikes without a proper bike rack system. These can range from tangled handlebars, scratched paint jobs, and scrapes along the sides of your truck bed, to bikes becoming damaged or thrown from the back of the vehicle. Wolf Bike Racks can simplify your experience and help you keep your bikes in great shape with our five-bike rack.

Paired with a rack support system that grips truck bed rails with patented clamps, the five-bike rack keeps your bikes in an upright position and out of the way of additional cargo, such as coolers or camping gear. Instead of wrestling your bikes free from the mess of luggage that may have shifted during the drive, use the five-bike rack to keep your bikes elevated, separated, and securely in place. Because there is no need to use straps or remove and replace the front wheels of your bikes, you can be ready to go in under a minute.