If you’re a cyclist with a pickup truck, you know exactlyhow difficult traditional tailgate bike racks make it to transport yourbicycles.

What you might not know is that you have an alternative totailgate-mounted racks and pads – and it’s a really good alternative. Infact, our customers universally agree that it’s the best bike rack for yourpickup truck.

We’re talking about the innovative Wolf Bike Rack systemand, once you see this system in action, you’ll be a believer too.

The Problem with Tailgate Bike Racks

When we say problem, we mean that these bike racksystems have multiple issues and challenges. Traditional tailgate-mountedbicycle racks typically have more cons than pros. They prevent you from openingyour tailgate to load or unload cargo – unless you’re willing to unload yourbikes first. Although, if you’re using a tailgate pad, the bikes will protrudeso far into your truck’s cargo space that you won’t be able to carry muchanyway.

These systems are generally sold with a one-size-fits-allapproach but, as you may have discovered, pickup truck tailgates are definitelynot all the same size. And, in most cases, you are limited in the number ofbikes you can transport using a tailgate system. Tailgate racks aren’t alwaysthe best for your bike either, as the traditional strap designs do not alwayshold the frame securely.

Finally, tailgate racks can pose a safety hazard by blockingbackup cameras and obstructing your view. This can lead to expensive damage toyour truck and bikes and potentially even cause injuries.

The Best Alternative to Tailgate-Mounted Bike Racks

Using a rack system that securely mounts to your truck’s bedrails, the Wolf Bike Rack banishes all the problems you’ve experienced withtailgate racks. You’ll maintain free access to your tailgate and your truckbed, without losing any cargo space. And our rack clamps attach securelywithout the need to drill into the truck.

With no clamping, strapping or wheel removal, your bike willbe anchored securely and out of harm’s way; yet, our innovative single wheelreceiver design lets you load and unload in mere seconds. You can also carrymore bikes using minimal space.

Adaptable to virtually all sizes of bicycles, you never haveto worry about the security of your bike – no matter how rugged the terrainmight be. And, with the Wolf Bike Rack in place, you can tow a trailer withoutinterference.

Choosing a Bike Rack for Your Pickup Truck

If you’re tired of fighting with the same old tailgate bikerack problems you’ve had for years, it’s time you get to know the Wolf BikeRack.

Simple, secure, elegant and user-friendly, our systems aresurprisingly affordable, especially when you consider the many advantages wehold over alternative bike rack systems.

You can learn more about our bicycle transport racks on oursite – and you can also place a secure order for your Wolf system. Or, if you’dlike to speak to one of our expert team members, call us today to learn moreabout why the Wolf Bike Rack is the perfect tailgate bike rack alternative.