Our team at Wolf Bike Racks is proud to serve our fellow bikers with a quality bike rack for pickup trucks and trailers that is easy to assemble, store, load, and unload. We invite you to read the testimonials of those who have purchased the Wolf Bike Rack and found it to be just what they need. To learn more about our innovative truck bike rack in Highland, Utah, we invite you to contact us today.

Pleased to say I am one happy camper. I much appreciate the extra effort you and your team put into your product and the extra mile you went to get me the best Bike Rack for my truck. I am very happy and am spreading the word about Wolf Bike Racks. This is an awesome product and so far has not gone unnoticed. Cheers, Evan



I love our Wolf Bike rack – makes taking our bikes on vacations so convenient. They ride securely on top of our luggage. It’s super convenient for trucking the bikes on shorter excursions as well.

-DH. Saratoga Springs


I purchased 2 sets of 5 Wolf bike racks from you a few months ago and they are working great. I mounted them on a trailer. One forwards and one backwards and now run a shuttle service.

– Kris D.