We at Wolf Bike Racks are all avid bikers, and we mostly haul our bikes to the trailheads in our pickup trucks. We have purchased and used about every pickup truck bike rack on the market, but bike carriers designed for truck beds are all troublesome. There are numerous solutions when it comes to bikers choosing a truck bed bike rack that can haul their bikes in their pickup trucks, but every truck bed bike rack we have found has several irritating and time-wasting problems. We have thoroughly researched pickup truck bike racks on the internet and have not found a single truck bed bike rack that solves all of the problems we have encountered. Pickup trucks are meant to haul things, yet hauling our bikes in our truck beds has been a pain in the ***!

Why Existing Bike Racks For Pickup Trucks Don’t Hack It

Disadvantages of Existing Truck Bed Bike Rack Hauling Systems

  1. Obstruct cargo space
  2. Have to be installed and removed between rides
  3. Time consuming
  4. Damaged bikes and trucks
  5. Require removal of wheels
  6. Require strapping or clamping
  7. Are not secure on rough roads
  8. Not always durable
  9. Exposes bikes to road spray and debris
  10. Does not allow pulling a trailer
  11. Exposes bikes to rear-end collision damage
  12. Obstructs use of tailgate


What Our Mountain Bike Rack for Pickup Trucks & Trailers The Best?

The Wolf Bike Rack IS the Solution for Hauling Any Kind of Bike

  1. Secures bikes in all road conditions
  2. Eliminates clamping, strapping, or wheel removal
  3. Fast loading and unloading
  4. More bikes in less space
  5. Frees cargo space; bikes load on top of other cargo
  6. Built strong with replaceable component parts
  7. Patented rack adjusts to mount to various pickup or trailer sizes
  8. Rack remains on the truck bed between rides
  9. Keeps bikes out of road spray and debris
  10. Allows for towing a trailer
  11. Holds all bike sizes securely
  12. Leaves the tailgate accessible

Your solution for bike transportation is waiting for you in the form of our truck bike rack in Highland, Utah. Call (801) 613-1942 today to learn more about the Wolf Bike Rack, or place your order today.